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The Signtouch user experience has been designed to deliver the information you would ordinarily collate when opening new developments – and much more. Our sophisticated screens showcase these assets in your sales and marketing centres, providing a window that enables potential buyers to immerse themselves in the development and plan their future there.

There is no limit to the wealth of information you can provide customers with – the choice is yours. The typical user journey start with displaying content about the development as a whole, including site layouts and CGI impressions. Users can then drill down in to individual house-types, and look at floorpans, photography and video.

Signtouch even has the technology to allow a home purchaser to configure their new home the way they would a new car, creating greater opportunity for upselling. Adjusting building features, adding a conservatory, designing their dream kitchen, and choosing internal decoration and furnishings can be made available to buyers at the touch of a button, providing a truly bespoke experience.

You may even choose to provide information about aspects of the local area and amenities, including transportation links, schools, and places of interest.

Signtouch is structured in a way that allows you to develop the user experience further. As you become more engaged with its capabilities and you expand the content and features you wish to offer, we simply design them into your own specifically branded digital experience.

Many of you will already be looking at CGI flyovers of proposed developments and CGI imagery of individual properties and displaying these to your visitors. Such initiatives are easily incorporated and presented as part of your Signtouch overall interactive experience.

Future Features

We are already working on expanding the current features of Signtouch and you can help shape and influence those developments.

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Visit in person, visit remotely or Signtouch can visit you

The Signtouch demo centre is a fully operational workspace that allows you to experience our fully interactive touchscreen presentations first-hand. You can visit remotely, using any conferencing platform that suits your requirement, but there’s nothing quite like interacting with Signtouch in the flesh.

Alternatively, Signtouch can come to you; it’s a fully portable system – that’s one of our great strengths. All we need is some space, a power supply and an internet connection. If your IT protocol’s limit our access to your internet system that’s okay, we can still do the demo from the built-in media player attached to every screen.

If you wish to make an enquiry to work with Signtouch in project implementations then please contact us and we would be happy to take things to the next level.


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