Interactive Signage for Housing Developments

The future is at your fingertips

Enable prospective buyers to access the material that matters most to them with Signtouch. Every piece of site information you wish to share is available at the users’ fingertips, in an immersive and fully customisable touchscreen experience.

  • Powered by cutting-edge Samsung touchscreen technology
  • Branding, content and user interface bespoke to your business
  • Suitable for single sites to nationwide multi-site developments
  • Real-time updates, data insights and sophisticated analytics
  • 24/7 uptime, remote technical support and on-site maintenance

This is a game changer…

Touch Screen

Create a truly bespoke interactive customer experience

The future of sales centre marketing

Traditional methods of display are becoming out-dated and are less effective in providing the depth of information expected by the modern homebuyer. The solution? Signtouch: the fully automated marketing and sales centre that is revolutionising the on-site experience for both buyers and developers.

Our state-of-the-art Samsung touchscreen technology allows you to provide a bespoke, interactive customer experience. With Signtouch the user can explore all of your sales and marketing collateral, in a familiar and easy to operate touchscreen environment – from interactive site development plans and detailed house-type layouts and floorplans, to bespoke home upgrade options and details of local amenities and public services.

Equally impressive is the functionality to connect each site-based screen back to your regional sales department. This level of connectivity allows real-time information and image updates to be transferred directly to each screen location under secure management control. Signtouch screens can also be grouped together, allowing you to organise marketing information at an individual development level.

Developed in partnership with Samsung UK

Visit our Online Demo Centre Discover for yourself the unique capabilities

Samsung Testimonial

Damon Crowhurst, Head of Display - Samsung Electronics UK

At Samsung we are proud of our drive toward future advancements in technology and satisfying the future requirements of business and individuals alike. What excites and motivates us all at Samsung is working with businesses and people that understand the transfer of information is an ever-evolving certainty.

Partnering with Signtouch is a unique opportunity for any business, and at Samsung we are incredibly excited to be involved in the Signtouch project.

Advancements in architectural design and construction method, along with material and component development, are synonymous with the house-building and construction industry; the retail experience less so perhaps.

The inter-face between you and your client is of paramount importance and Samsung firmly believe that Signtouch offers your industry a managed and cost-effective way to advance this inter-face and further enhance this complex relationship.

Partnering with Signtouch gives you access to, not only Samsung and our nationwide support structure, but to one of the world’s most effective and respected global software database systems.

This is game changing: Shape the future with Signtouch and watch it on Samsung!

Customise the look

A solid platform to deliver branded content

The Signtouch system can be tailored to your precise requirements. We start by working with you to plan exactly what information and content you want to display, where you wish to place it, and how you would like it to be viewed.

We tailor the design to your brand, with colours, designs and assets that follow your brand guidelines and style guide to the letter.


Signtouch Interactive Signage

Change content in real-time

Remote screen access gives you full control

Individual screens, or groups of screens, can have their content securely updated remotely by designated members of your sales team.

This allows full customisation of content at any hierarchical level. Should a decision affect all national sales developments, then a simple change at group level will update all screens carrying the content required for change. This hierarchical protocol also holds true for group-level changes, regional changes, or development specific changes such as plot of the week promotions etc.

Please note that all our systems are securely controlled and access is strictly limited and designated by you.


Signtouch Interactive Signage

Take advantage of our investment

No expense spared

We have spent years refining this industry revolutionising marketing tool. Much like building and selling a new home, we have funded all aspects associated with the design, development and the build of this powerful tool – the buyer simply applies the finishing touches. 

As our customer, you benefit from our experience in bringing such an advanced product to market. We have prepared everything, allowing you to apply the finishing touches and create a truly bespoke interactive customer experience that you can start benefiting from, quickly.


Signtouch Interactive Signage

Data, insights & analytics

Gain a real insight into customer habits

With Signtouch the opportunity to analyse and better understand homebuyers behaviour is unlimited.

Each Samsung screen includes a built-in camera that can establish the user’s age profile and gender. We are working on recording users’ exact on-screen interactions, as the potential data insight here is enormous.

The journey tracking can continue away from the screens, with sophisticated transmitting nodes placed throughout the sales office and show areas. These nodes pick up the WiFi pulses emitted from an individuals mobile device, accurately tracking their movements and time spent in specific areas – hot spotting!

Signtouch has the capability to process this data and deliver scheduled and real-time reports. These invaluable insights can be used to inform and develop your approach to planning, designing, building and selling properties more profitably.


Signtouch Interactive Signage

Future Features

We are already working on expanding the current features of Signtouch and you can help shape and influence those developments.

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Let’s take a closer look, together

Visit in person, visit remotely or Signtouch can visit you

The Signtouch demo centre is a fully operational workspace that allows you to experience our fully interactive touchscreen presentations first-hand. You can visit remotely, using any conferencing platform that suits your requirement, but there’s nothing quite like interacting with Signtouch in the flesh.

Alternatively, Signtouch can come to you; it’s a fully portable system – that’s one of our great strengths. All we need is some space, a power supply and an internet connection. If your IT protocol’s limit our access to your internet system that’s okay, we can still do the demo from the built-in media player attached to every screen.

If you wish to make an enquiry to work with Signtouch in project implementations then please contact us and we would be happy to take things to the next level.


Touch Screen

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